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  • Craft Beer Pinball League Underground Summer Series

    Craft Beer Pinball League Underground Summer Series


    Join the CBPL in our first ever actual league! From our undisclosed underground bunker participate in a 6 event series that culminates in a Head to Head final for all the Points and Prizes! Each Event will be comprised of 7 Rounds of group Match Play. Top 4 Event finishes will be counted toward your standings in an A, B, and C Division Head to Head Best of Three Bracket Finals.

    For those of you looking for big boy points, the number crunchers have pointed out that this will be the first 200% TGP event in Madison!

    League Nights in Pinball Mom and Dad’s underground bunker 6:30 PM Start Time.
    $10 a session with light food and drink included:

    June 5th
    June 19th
    July 3rd
    July 17th (Bells/New Belgium)
    August 7th
    August 21st

    Finals to take place Saturday August 31st at Noon.

    Players will be placed into brackets based on their overall standing with top 16 in A, following 16 in B, and remainder into C brackets. Best of Three Head to Head games will be played.

  • What a weird weekend

    What a weird weekend

    We just finished our sixth event of the month Saturday night and then some stuff came to light Sunday morning. Almost all of you reached out yesterday and I very much appreciate it. The Arcade / Pinball / Coin Op community is small and very much connected. While we as operators and owners have our differences and have different approaches to providing our brand of amusement to the community, we are all very much on the same team. An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.

    As we enter the “Find Out” phase it is my hope that nothing else stupid happens. The damage has been done and the process will run its course. We pulled all of our equipment yesterday and severed ties.

    We got into this because we love sharing our passion for pinball with all of you, the community. Every single operator in town is killing themselves to provide the best experience possible for you the player. Most of us are doing this in addition to working full time jobs, because we are passionate (and maybe a bit addicted) to bringing the gaming experience to the end user.

    Support your Local Operator. Support your local Arcade Bar. Support the locations that bring games into your neighborhood.

  • Debuting our Two Barrel Selects from Dancing Goat!

    Debuting our Two Barrel Selects from Dancing Goat!

    Enjoy Rye Whiskey aged 8 years, and then rested in barrels that previously contained Wisconsin Honey. The result is a Cask Strength Rye with a touch of sweetness.

    We were lucky enough to secure two sister barrels, one for Craft Beer Pinball and one for the Blue Moon Bar. Same Liquid, Same Barrel Treatment, but different barrels placed in different locations at the distillery, creating two unique but complementary Whiskeys. The Blue Moon Barrel is smoother, while Craft beer has a stronger rye burn up front with a bit more sweetness on the finish. Both will be available on site to sample as well as available to order neat pours or a cocktail or two. Bottles will also be available to purchase for your home cocktailing. We think this may be the first Pinball Whiskey in existence!

    Blue Moon Bar & Grill is currently doing Neat Pours of the Barrel Selects as well as two cocktails so be sure to stop in and give them both a sample.

    🥃 Two Cocktails! Visit Blue Moon! 🥃

    Gold Rush ~ Blue Moon Select, honey simple syrup, lemon juice, garnished with lemon twist

    Lazarus ~ Craft Beer Pinball, ginger beer press, bitters, cinnamon, honey simple syrup, garnished with cinnamon dusted orange

  • Stern Insider Connected Scoreboard Winners!

    Stern Insider Connected Scoreboard Winners!

    Log In, Play Pinball, Win Prizes. Every Month.

    Nerdhaven Arcade March 2024

    Winners Drawn April 9th!

    Blue Moon Bar March 2024

    Winners Drawn April 3rd!

    Black Rose Blending Co. February 2024

    Mystery Bomber #1: SARABARA
    Mystery Bomber #2: GLADSTONER
    Nerdhaven GC: TRAVAN32

    Nerdhaven Arcade February 2024

    Nerdhaven GC: TOMBLQ57
    Blue Moon GC: DEEPFRAK
    Token Cup: SARABARA

    Blue Moon Bar Febraury 2024

    BA Old Rasputin: TRAVAN32
    Tuppen’s Demise: GRIFTER
    Growler Fill: TROGDOR624
    Jurassic Park Translite: WAZILLA

    Black Rose Blending Co. January 2024

    Mystery Cellar Pick #1: FUELEDBYRYAN
    Mystery Cellar Pick #2: TRAVAN32
    Blue Moon GC: GLADSTONER

    Nerdhaven Arcade January 2024

    MEGA Gift Card: GIGGS
    Black Rose Gift Card: FUELEDBYRYAN
    Nerdhaven GC: SKILLSHART

    Blue Moon Bar January 2024

    O’so Bruin in a Bramble: WAZILLA
    Central Waters 20th: TROGDOR624
    Growler Fill: JIVETURKEY94
    Nerd Haven GC: SHANE1333
    Guardians Translite: GLADSTONER

    Black Rose Blending Co. December 2023

    2016 Cantillon Gueuze: FUELEDBYRYAN

    BRBC Taster Glasses: KOAPDIZZLE

    New Glarus R&D 2016 Gueuze: MROMULTIBALL

    Blue Moon GC: SARABARA

    Blue Moon Bar December 2023

    2015 Bruery Melange 11 Bomber: CHIEF_JEEF

    2014 Abyss Reserve Bomber: TRAVAN32

    Growler Fill: GWARKYLE

    Nerd Haven GC: HURASHK

    Stranger Things Translite: MIKES

    Blue Moon Bar November 2023

    Tilquin Oude Gueueze 2012: Gladstoner

    Central Waters 25th Anniversary: GWARKYLE

    Growler Fill: LORDBYRON



    Black Rose Blending Co. November 2023

    Horizons Bomber: GLADSTONER

    BRBC Hat: TRAVAN32

    Nerdhaven GC: 2XDANGER

    Black Rose Blending Co. October 2023

    A Room with No Walls: TRAVAN32

    Like a Petal in the Wind: LEBRRA

    Nerdhaven GC: WAZILLA

    Blue Moon Bar October 2023

    6 Pack Born Yesterday Fred Hop: 2XDANGER

    4 Pack Mikerphone Stern up the Volume: JIVETURKEY24

    Growler Fill: KATIEB

    Black Rose GC: GWARKYLE

    ACDC Translite: PAINTLIFE

    Blue Moon Bar September 2023

    Epic Brainless on Raspberries Bomber: PAINTLIFE

    Central Waters 25th Anniversary Bomber: JIVETURKEY24

    Growler Fill: OPAAA

    Nerdhaven GC: LORDBYRON

    Guardians of the Galaxy Translite: MIKES

    Blue Moon Bar August 2023

    Gueze Bomber: LORDBYRON

    Central Waters Barrel Aged Barleywine 2017: PAINTLIFE

    Growler Fill: SPLISSKEN

    NerdHaven Arcade Gift Card: JEM33

    Mandalorian Translite: GLADSTONER

  • 2 Movies, 3 Games, 6 Events!

    2 Movies, 3 Games, 6 Events!

    It’s March Madness y’all!!!!

    Now out at Blue Moon Bar & Grill are not one, not two, but three new games to play!

    • Jaws LE
    • Jaws Pro
    • Pulp Fiction SE

    If that isn’t enough Pinball for you we have 6 Events coming up in March.

    • Sunday Strikes – March 3rd @ Black Rose – 4PM
    • Jaws Launch Party with Hinterland – March 6th @ Blue Moon – 6:30PM
    • Dancing Goat Single Barrel Double Release Party – March 9th @ Blue Moon – Noon
    • Fins by the Lake Jaws Launch Party – March 17th @ NerdHaven – Noon
    • Craft Beer Pinball League with Fair State – March 20th @ Blue Moon – 6:30PM
    • Jaws Launch Party – March 23rd @ Black Rose – Noon

    See you all soon.


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