A Social Pinball League in Madison WI

Craft Beer

Pinball League

Your first beer is on us!


Friendly Competition

Enjoy the chance to compete on league nights and all month long via Stern Connect Leaderboards and win prizes from various breweries.

Your first beer is always on us and you also have a chance to win free beer!

Awesome People

Amazing People

We meet some of the most important people in our lives in the most unexpected places. Why not at pinball?

Craft Beer Pinball League

About Us


We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and neither should you, so come on out and grab a pint and play! International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) Nights the First Wednesday of the month. Fees on us! Just good old fashioned fun, and as always, your first beer is on us!

50+ Games

A large selection of games on location and in our rental fleet.

5 Venues

Multiple great locations to play pinball around Madison.

Join us for some pinball

Upcoming Events

Where to Play Pinball

Game Locations

* Plus over 43 additional games at NerdHaven Arcade!

Win Prizes at Monthly Events

Stern Insider Connect Leader Board

Compete on the Stern Insider Leader Board for a chance to Win Beer, Stern Translites, Growler Fills, Gift Certificates and other prizes!

How To Win

Top ten players on each game will be entered into raffle for prizes at the end of the month. 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place will be awarded bonus entries. Stern Insider Connected IDs will be drawn for prizes and announced Online!

Current Leader Board Standings

How do I receive my prizes?

Monthly winners will have their Stern IDs posted on our News & Events page. Fill out our Stern Insider Connect Information form and we will contact you directly.

Stern Pinball Insider Connected

Want to win something?

Join us for League Nights!

League Nights have gone Underground. . .

Group play starts at 6:30 PM. Mysterious, isn’t it?

Find out what’s happening and who’s winning

News & Leader Board Winners

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