Limousin Rye Single Barrel and drinks on a bar

Debuting our Two Barrel Selects from Dancing Goat!

Enjoy Rye Whiskey aged 8 years, and then rested in barrels that previously contained Wisconsin Honey. The result is a Cask Strength Rye with a touch of sweetness.

We were lucky enough to secure two sister barrels, one for Craft Beer Pinball and one for the Blue Moon Bar. Same Liquid, Same Barrel Treatment, but different barrels placed in different locations at the distillery, creating two unique but complementary Whiskeys. The Blue Moon Barrel is smoother, while Craft beer has a stronger rye burn up front with a bit more sweetness on the finish. Both will be available on site to sample as well as available to order neat pours or a cocktail or two. Bottles will also be available to purchase for your home cocktailing. We think this may be the first Pinball Whiskey in existence!

Blue Moon Bar & Grill is currently doing Neat Pours of the Barrel Selects as well as two cocktails so be sure to stop in and give them both a sample.

🥃 Two Cocktails! Visit Blue Moon! 🥃

Gold Rush ~ Blue Moon Select, honey simple syrup, lemon juice, garnished with lemon twist

Lazarus ~ Craft Beer Pinball, ginger beer press, bitters, cinnamon, honey simple syrup, garnished with cinnamon dusted orange

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