pinball tables in a basement

What a weird weekend

We just finished our sixth event of the month Saturday night and then some stuff came to light Sunday morning. Almost all of you reached out yesterday and I very much appreciate it. The Arcade / Pinball / Coin Op community is small and very much connected. While we as operators and owners have our differences and have different approaches to providing our brand of amusement to the community, we are all very much on the same team. An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.

As we enter the “Find Out” phase it is my hope that nothing else stupid happens. The damage has been done and the process will run its course. We pulled all of our equipment yesterday and severed ties.

We got into this because we love sharing our passion for pinball with all of you, the community. Every single operator in town is killing themselves to provide the best experience possible for you the player. Most of us are doing this in addition to working full time jobs, because we are passionate (and maybe a bit addicted) to bringing the gaming experience to the end user.

Support your Local Operator. Support your local Arcade Bar. Support the locations that bring games into your neighborhood.

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