Craft Beer Pinball League Format Explanation for IFPA Submission!

Hi guys, I am writing this in an effort to be as transparent as possible so there is less confusion every time I submit results. We run a non traditional format which we find to be more inclusive in our community.

GROUP PLAY (or qualifying) consists of everyone playing 7 games of pinball in the same group. We pick a seasoned player as the group leader to pilot the group. We do it this way so that there is some continuity and guidance for new players. Scores are written down on paper and are later entered into the computer using Scott Danesi’s Tourney software. We use this software to generate a ranked list on each game and points are assigned based on the number of players. If 40 people play, first place overall on a game will be worth 40 points. My understanding of this format would be BEST GAME.

Once scores are entered into into the software and a ranked list of all of the players is created and is used to create the playoff groups. We create PODS of four going down the list. Depending on the number of players we will create groups of three at the bottom of the player pool to make the PODS as close to four players as possible. (IE: if we have 10 total players we would do 4, 3, and 3 instead of 4, 4, and 2 players)

FINALS: The Top player in each POD has the opportunity to choose the game that the their POD will play their finals games on. If the number of groups exceeds the number of games at our location (Eight Games) we will have sitting groups which cycle in on the first available game. Players will play in the order that they are Ranked (First place will be player one, ect. . .)

Once a game and player order is decided we begun a single elimination round on the assigned machine. Lowest Score drops out and takes the lowest seed in that group. Games are repeated on same game until only one player remains (4 player game, Lowest Score Eliminated and placed Fourth, 3 Player game, Lowest Score Eliminated and placed third, 2 player game for 1st and 2nd in the group), reorganizing that POD of four. My understanding is this format for finals would be LADDER.

Each player plays 7 games qualifying and if they win their finals group they will play 3 more games total. As far as TGP, looking at I am a bit confused and could use some feedback here.

FEEDBACK: When the IFPA rep has questions I get an Email which takes me to the message from the rep on the IFPA site. I respond and when the IFPA rep is satisfied with my clarifications the message chain goes away and I never find out what I need to do to improve my submissions, creating a cycle where I am asked questions every submission. Please help me understand how to classify this format to save everyone time and energy. My Cell is 608.957.4265. My Email is

I would very much like feedback!

9.6.23: 39 people at start, 37 completed finals (but two failed to give last names and were removed from submission [my bad]), 7 games qualifying with everyone game scores compared for ranking, 3 games single elimination to rearrange final standings in each pod of four (2 games if group of three [bottom two groups were 3 at playoffs])

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