Craft Beer Pinball League Winners

Craft Beer Pinball League Brewery Partner Signups!

Hey guys, its that time again. Season 12. July through December. Lets go!

Usual deal applies. Pick 2-3 kegs to have for the event. Usually something hoppy and something else. Specialty stuff for third keg if applicable. Brewer buys first round for pinballers. Gets shout outs and back pats. Time to talk about brewery and current happenings during Pre-Game announcements. We generally try to bring in a few additional kegs from brewery partners that sponsor league nights as well as a thank you. Just have to keep me in the loop of what is in the market throughout the year!

Group Play starts at 6:30 PM on the First and Third Wednesdays. Best to be there at or before 6 PM to schmooze and warm up on the games. Group Play usually lasts about 2-3 hours while we play through the machines. Rep is not required to stay the whole time, but it is certainly appreciated! Once group play is done we toss the scores in the computer and have playoff groups. Each group of four will play single elimination games until only one player remains, and wins something from the prize table.

Ideally prizes are delivered to the bar the week prior for social media posts. We usually look for 6+ or so units of prizes. Tin Tackers, Apparel, six packs and the like. Outlandish things like Inner Tubes appreciated 🙂

Dates and availability:

July 5th: Revolution plus special guest 😉

July 19th: Deschutes

August 2nd: black husky

August 16th: *something special*

September 6th: terrapin

September 20th: great lakes

October 4th: dogfish head

October 18th: central waters

November 1st: titletown

November 15th: hidden cave & state line

December 6th: Fair State

December 20th: bells

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