CBPL Sign-up!

Hey guys, Time to book through the end of the year! The basics of the events are as follows:

Players show up between 5:30 and 6 PM the night of with a formal start time of 6:30 PM. At our peak we had about thirty people showing up, but I expect it to be a long time before we hit that level of participation. After a short speech in which we graciously thank our host and gently rib each other we break everyone into groups of four to play through the games. After playing through all the games and tabulating our scores we move into the prize round where every player will playoff against people that played as well as they did in an elimination format (1st though 4th, 5th though 8th, ect…) After that the winner of each group picks from the prize table. If we have extra prizes we will do consolation rounds with the people that are eliminated faster. If we are short prizes, I’ll have some bombers I can pull out to make sure everyone has a chance at something (have never had to do it though, best to keep all the prizes under your brand) Wraps up sometime after 9-10 PM usually, but this is all dependent on the number of participants.

Two keg buy in. Whatever you guys want to showcase or pour. Something hoppy and something else is usually very successful. Brewery Rep to buy the first round of beer for players. THE BLUE MOON NOW TAKES CREDIT CARDS! If you have something special you want to pour, we can take a look and maybe add it to the lineup as well. We do ask for prize support to the tune of 6 items or so. Sixers, Four Packs, Tin Tackers, Shirts, Hat, Growlers, ect would count as an item. Scroll through our Facebook Page for pictures of the prize tables for an idea. . .

Any Questions or Ideas? Hit me up and secure your date! ~Jim 608.957.4265

Dates and Breweries in Attendance: (updated as people commit!)

January 5th: Great Lakes

January 19th: 3 Sheeps

February 2nd: Fair State

February 16th: State Line Distilling & Working Draft!

March 2nd: Central Waters

March 16th: New Glarus

April 6th: New Belgium

April 20th: Bells

May 4th: Sierra Nevada

May 18th: Terrapin

June 1st: Lagunitas

June 15th: Surly